Companies High Tech Systems Park invest in fiber network and integration datacenter

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The companies at High Tech Systems Park have invested in the realization of a fiber network at High Tech Systems Park. Through this network the adjacent datacenter of the Odin Groep becomes an integral part of the High Tech Systems Park. Additionally a free and open wifi zone will be realized on campus and the Odin Groep will maintain the IT services in the Shared Facililty Center. The agreement was signed yesterday.

The new network was funded by the cooperation of the High Tech Systems Park companies: Thales Nederland, Opra, HP Valves and PM Surface. The network is directly linked to the adjacent datacenter of the Odin Groep. “Cooperation is key at High Tech Systems Park,” explains Vincent ten Thij, director of High Tech Systems Park. “Not only for innovation projects, but also in creating state of the art facilities and infrastructure. I don’t see that regularly at other, common business parks. High speed internet access is a condition for innovation nowadays and as such a precondition for High Tech Systems Park. “Automation and digitization is happening all around us. Computing power, data storage and fast internet are as such very important for the high tech companies that innovate here. With this new cooperation with Odin Groep we have realized that.”

10-lane freeway

The Odin Groep prepared the IT facilities for the future: “We  have invested in a 10 lane-freeway, so to speak, but will only need 2 lanes for now. That way we ensure high speed internet for the coming years,” says Hans Lesscher of the Odin Groep.

Advantage for located companies is that they do not have to invest in their own datacenter or server-facility, they can make use of the datacenter of the Odin Groep. “Thales Nederland will be able to reduce costs by purchasing services and hardware in a more flexible way that allows us to upscale or downscale when necessary,” says Henk van Steeg, CIO of Thales Nederland.

Companies can also outsource their IT activities to the Odin Groep: IT as a service. “You can think of cloud solution for online workstations, phone services, mobile device management, security solutions and online back-ups,” explains Lesscher. The Odin Groep consists of multiple companies. Previder will provide the datacenter services. Lesscher IT will provide additional IT services.