HP Valves closes deal worth 15 million euros

HP Valves definitief HR

HP Valves, a High Tech Systems Park resident specialised in valves, closed a deal worth 15 million euros and will produce 15.000 valves for Siemens. The valves will be used in power stations developed by Siemens and is one of the largest orders for the company.

“Another great and large order for our company,” says Richard Laarveld, sales manager at HP Valves. “We build long term relations with our customers, employees and suppliers. It’s good to see that that relationship lead to trust and with that to assignments that we can bring to a good result together.”

HP Valves is producers of high pressure valves that are used in energy plants worldwide. Currently a new office and production facility is being built at High Tech Systems Park to facilitate the growth of the company. Opening of their new facilities at High Tech Systems Park is expected after the summer of 2016.