Workforce and talent

At the High Tech Systems Park we are convinced that open innovation and joint fieldlabs are the answer to innovate faster in order to stay competitive. We also strongly believe in talent as a driver for innovation and growth. Our mission is to create the right and sustainable environment for high tech companies to attract talent and create a vibrant setting for them to innovate together. Connecting talent and finding the right workforce is a key element in that.

Our help in finding the right employees?
If you are looking for new talent, the High Tech Systems Park development office can assist you in promoting your vacancy on jobportals like and promote it in specific netwerks of professionals. Whether its is newly gradatuates, or ore experienced employees you are looking for, just send us your vacancy, and we will help promote it via our channels for free!

Connecting employees for innovation
Innovation also happens when people start sharing challenges, ideas and solutions. Different perspectives to the same challenge can provide a breakthrough. At High Tech Systems Park we make sure employees from different backgrounds and companies meet and experience an environment for sharing ideas. Meetups are arranged in several ways:

  • Incidental meetups at the Starbucks Coffee corner, the Shared Facility Center with restaurant, or while doing your lunch-walk on campus
  • Organised meetups: check our events calender for regular updates


Connecting to universities
Universities are a source of inspiration for new knowledge and technologies. At High Tech Systems Park we closely collaborate with the University of Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and the ROC of Twente. If you are looking for short term projects with students, longer running projects with researchers or another connection: please contact the High Tech Systems Park Development Office for assistance.