High Tech Scale-up Conference

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High Tech Systems Park

High Tech Scale Conference

Every day thousands and thousands start-ups are being created in Europe. There is almost universal agreement that future economic growth in Europe will be driven by those businesses who can scale up successfully, making that all-important transition from ‘S’ to ‘M’ and beyond. Anything that can ease the burden and make this journey easier, will ultimately drive economic growth, spur job creation and increase the competitiveness.

What is a Scale-up?
A ‘scale-up’ is an enterprise with average annualised growth in employees or turnover greater than 20 percent per annum over a three year period, and with more than 10 employees at the beginning of the observation period.
In growing from 10 to 100 employees, to 500, 1.000 and so on, companies have specific requirements for capital, management, skills and organisational processes. This can lead to ‘growing pains’ that can be easily and effectively addressed.
Scale-ups are not a phenomenon only found in ‘digital’ or ‘technology’ or ‘cities’ or ‘clusters’. A small number of high-growth firms are vital to driving job growth and overall economic growth.

This High Tech Scale-Up Conference will give you insight what to do, how to act and why to continue with your scale-up.

Who should attend?
Management of any Start-up, Scale-up and corporate and any investor should attend this mind-boggling conference.

More information will be available soon! You can visit our website here.