Catch Up: Printing Metals for Additive Manufacturing

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12:00 - 13:00

Shared Facility Center

Keys for successful metal printing are (Additive) Manufacturing knowledge and 3D modeling skills. This Catch Up session will share with you the activities and experiences of NTS in the field of metal printing.

After explaining research and application exploration, a few concrete studies provide a more comprehensive picture of the ‘Design for Additive Manufacturing’ process and the added value for applications within manufacturing environments.

The first study describes the redesign of an existing opto-mechanical component into a printable design. The second study is about the development of a four-degree of freedom (4DoF) alignment mechanism, from concept to 3D printable part. And a third study will show the added value of an optimized 3D printed model in production environments.

When 3D metal printing is combined with high-end machining, amazing opportunities are offered for the high-tech industry.

About the speakers

Jeroen Jonkers is technical specialist at the NTS-Group with over four years of experience in metal additive manufacturing. With a opto-mechanical background, he is focused on developing high-end manufacturing applications for 3D metal printing. Jonkers is actively involved in AddFab, a shared facility and competence center for industrial metal printing in Eindhoven and has a supporting role at Innovation Cluster Drachten.

Klaas Geschiere is general manager of NTS Norma Drachten and responsible for this ultra precision component manufacturing business with high end OEM customers in several market segments. Geschiere is member of the steering committee of Innovation Cluster Drachten, a cluster of high tech companies and knowledge institutions in the Northern Part of The Netherlands, focused on cooperation and innovation. 3D printing is one of the 5 innovation programs in this cluster.

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