Official opening fieldlab “The Garden”

Opening The Garden Security for Smart Industry

Today fieldlab “The Garden” was officially opened by representative of Overijssel Eddy van Hijum, Lukas Roffel (CTO Thales Nederland), Egbert Jan Sol (Smart Industry) and Maria Lijding (Smartsigns). Within this fieldlab 15 partners will work on innovations for security in smart industry. The ability to share data in a secure and reliable manner is crucial for Smart Industry, the digitization of the Dutch manufacturing industry.

Within the Garden, two specific projects were started that enable secure and reliable sharing of data within the supply chain:

  • Secure Data Sharing Innovation: a toolkit for sharing data online in a secure and reliable manner, where the owner always maintains the control of the data and improper use of data is resisted.
  • Extended Product Lifecycle Management: aimed at safely and effectively sharing data between suppliers-partners-customer in the conception-design-production-delivery-service of complex products. With the results of this project all players involved during the product’s lifecycle are able to save costs and position themselves as attractive partner in the value chain

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