High Tech Systems Park wordt ontwikkeld door de volgende partners:

Founding partners
Thales Nederland

Partners bij het faciliteren van innovatie
Kennispark Twente
Provincie Overijssel
Oost NV

Gemeente Hengelo

Partners in het Smart Thermal Grid en Bronnet
Fudura / Enexis


Bedrijven op het High Tech Systems Park zijn:

Partners Coblue

Coblue Cybersecurity contributes to a safer world. They do this by creating scalable secure software and achieving measurable improvements to your cybersecurity.

Partners HP Valves
HP Valves is a well-known and respected manufacturer of medium and high pressure gate, globe, check and needle valves.

Partners Norma

Norma is a high-tech first tier supplier who designs, produces and assembles complete mechatronic systems. The core strength of Norma is in the vast experience in the field of ultra-precision operations.

Partners OPRA
OPRA Turbines develops, manufactures, markets and maintains generator sets in the 2 MW power range using the OP16 series of gas turbines.

Partners Parthian

Parthian Technology supports companies in development and implementation of their materials and processing systems into the wind and other composite industries. 

Partners PM Surface
PM-SURFACE is a leading specialist in the processing and finishing of mechanical components, constructions and printed circuit boards (PCB).

Partners Thales

Thales Nederland specializes in designing and producing professional electronics for defence and security applications, such as radar and communication systems.