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Campus Café: Fit & Free with Technology

Campus Café: Building a durable future
15-04-2021 / 15-04-2021
3:00 pm - 5:30 pm
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De Twente innovation campuses and Novel-T have joined forces and developed a concept to bring together on content entrepreneurs, professionals, researchers and talent: Campus Café. Campus Café connects de Twente innovation community with breakout sessions on new technologies, innovative and international entrepreneurship and to engage talent. You will also have the opportunity to get to know each other during networking. You’re welcome to join on April 15th!


In 2050 we will have a circular economy. At least, that’s the plan. Everyone will have to make a proverbial contribution, both individually and commercially. This also applies to the construction sector, in which Twente is strongly represented. And this sets the tone for sustainable construction through the use of technology. Consider, for example, completely robotized prefab construction, 3D printing of materials, visualisations and instructions with virtual reality …

You guessed it: the next Campus Café is about innovation in construction. In addition to interesting sessions about new technologies, you can also connect with various entrepreneurs who’ll pitch their innovation during the innovation carousel. An excellent opportunity to support these innovative companies with your knowledge, skills and network.

Breakout session: Innovatie Carrousel
A smart tool for interior builders, building bridges but in a different way, circular textile walls and ceiling finishing? A selection of the innovations of the future that local entrepreneurs are working on. The companies Hams Interieurbouw, MSG, Roelofs, Salvitat, Gebr. van der Geest, Grootgroener en Anyflex will pitch the results they have achieved in the last six weeks during the Innovation Caroussel.

Breakout session | Deepdive: Optimizing design processes with Generative Design and VR / AR
In a construction project, a lot of time and energy is invested in creating one design. Wouldn’t it be much better if this process could be more efficient, resulting in multiple designs? Generative Design makes this possible! Jan Kamphuis (Pioneering), Ko Bontje (Stamhuis), Chris de Vries (Itannex) and Tim Hermans (Recreate) will tell you how to use these technologies, so that you can optimally involve stakeholders in the design process.

Breakout session: realize CO2 reduction with Smart TinyLab
To ensure that the necessary CO2 reduction is achieved, we have to pull out all the stops. Saxion University of Applied Sciences, has started building a Smart TinyLab with several partners: a testing ground for system integration in construction to link education, research and business. Curious about the concept, the functionalities and what this can mean for your company? Join this session!


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