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BringMe Box

Smart package machine for contactless deliveries.

BringMe Box

In this digital age, it’s high time we radically changed our way of dealing with personal and professional logistics. With Bringme, companies, organizations, residences, and schools are bringing in a post office of their own for the first time. That way, they’re automating their time-consuming internal and external logistics.

With Bringme, companies, organizations, residences, and schools are bringing in a post office of their own for the first time. Bringme takes users’ daily worries off their hands, so they’ve got more time and energy for what really matters, both privately and professionally. Whether it’s delivering online orders or handing something over to a colleague, Bringme’s Last Inch Operating System (LIOS) ensures that the whole operation takes place reliably, quickly, and safely, with respect for everyone’s privacy. Using Bringme is really easy: all you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and a Bringme Box. So, no more sitting at home waiting for your package to be delivered or turning up to find the shop’s closed. Bringme does everything for you. Anyone can deliver to your Bringme Box and make collections at your request. Any courier, any tradesman, but also friends and colleagues.

How it works

  1. Ordering online? Put Bringme in front of your name. And as the delivery address, use the location of the Bringme Box you can access.
  2. Parcel delivered? You’ll receive a live notification in the Bringme App. And you get the parcel out of the box using your personal QR code.

Curious about what else Bringme can do? Or would you like more details about how the whole thing works? Find out at here.



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