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Thales GCC Printed Circuit Boards

The GCC-PCB has extendedly proven to be a reliable, involved and capable partner.

Thales GCC Printed Circuit Boards

The GCC-PCB is more than just a supplier. Our broad experience and high competence enable us to offer effective support in the development of your product. This may be a product of high complexity or a prototype. This form of Concurrent Engineering, in close co-operation with the customer, stimulates a quick and efficient development process.

We offer exactly what you need with respect to prototypes and small series of high-end printed circuit boards.

The GCC-PCB (Group Competence Center – Printed Circuit Boards) is part of the Thales Group. The department operates as an independent company with its own sales team for business to business relations, who is in direct contact with customers. We draw on the knowledge and research of the whole Thales Group, but operating independently, we are flexible and effective.

  • The GCC-PCB consists of several departments;
  • Work preparation
  • Technology
  • Logistics
  • Quality management
  • Production.

Overall, GCC-PCB employs about 50 staff members. Our joint commitment and ample experience enable us to deliver a high-quality product in an efficient way.

More information? Check it out on the website of Thales.

GCC Printed Circuit Boards



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